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Designing Immersive Digital Narratives

What We Do

XXII is dedicated to crafting elevated experiences and developing refined digital assets across games and virtual worlds.


Drawing inspiration from an extensive background in creating both physical and digital products for world leading brands, we pride ourselves on seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology, strategic thinking and artistic excellence. We work with individuals, brands and institutions, helping them bring their most iconic designs and concepts into the virtual realm.



Developing Virtual Personas Embedded in Cultural Nuances

  • Simulation-ready 3D models for custom avatars

  • Game-ready avatar assets adaptable to various virtual environments


Digital Fashion

Pioneering the Future of Virtual Self-Expression

  • Realistic 3D modeling for digital fashion items

  • Concept art design for exclusive digital apparel

  • Best-in-class expertise in digital pattern-cutting, fashion design and 3D modelling.

Phygital Hybrids

Bridging Real-World Interactions With Immersive Virtual Experiences

  • Bridging real and digital worlds through immersive installations and real-time body tracking

  • Crafting mobile AR experiences across platforms like Meta, Snap, and TikTok

  • Challenging conventional thinking to drive innovative product conceptualization

Web3: Metaverse & Digital Assets

A Pathway to New Customers and Revenue Streams

  • Designing unique, original NFTs and other digital assets

  • Developing and sourcing technical solutions according to your needs

  • Structuring coherent creative narratives and storytelling for Web3 audiences


Strategic Consulting

Navigating the Digital Realm with Tailored Guidance

  • Aligning virtual strategies with business goals

  • Advising on optimal virtual environments for brand presence

  • Guiding through metaverse marketing and partnerships

  • Providing comprehensive project management for metaverse projects

  • Training and support


Supporting clients from international brands to Web3 natives, our team facilitates seamless transitions into the digital realm. We prioritize attention to detail, fidelity, and quality to accurately reflect each brand's core qualities and strengths across digital worlds.

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